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Ending Animal Cruelty

Each year approximately 6.5 million companion animals are brought into shelters. Out of that, about 1.5 million cats and dogs are euthanized. The rest are returned to their owners or adopted by their forever families (“Pet Statistics”).  The issue at hand that I am addressing is animal abuse, in particular neglect and cruelty that leads to such high intake rates of companion animals in shelters.

The Issue of Standardized Testing and What YOU Can Do!

           Standardized testing is the issue that everyone has heard about but may not really understand. According to (2015) a standardized test is any test that requires all test takers to answer the same questions in the same format and is scored in a consistent manner. You might be wondering “Okay so everyone has the answer the same questions, what is the big deal?” Well buckle your seatbelts and listen up because I am going to discuss what the big deal is all about.

How Sustainable Farming Can Eliminate Hunger and Food Waste One Farm at a Time

40% of food is thrown out in the United States each year, equating nearly $165 billion dollars and enough food to feed 25 million people for an entire year (, 2016). And if this number does not seem daunting enough, nearly 1 in 5 children faces hunger and 1 in 6 adults faces hunger daily in the United States (, 2016).

Animal Protection

     Human companions, particularly the four legged and fuzzy ones, possess the uncanny ability to radiate infectious excitement wherever they go, and whatever they do. Bringing joy and laughter into the lives of the people fortunate enough to call them family, and many more lucky enough to grab the attention of these endlessly enthusiastic creatures. Pets have been an enormous part of my life through this point and I have no intention of changing that anytime soon.

Childhood Obesity

What if I told you that about  20% of America’s children, about 18,750,000,  are struggling to make it to adulthood? I’m sure that some people would immediately think ‘what epidemic is causing this tragedy’. This epidemic is childhood obesity. (CDC)

The University of Michigan Health System showed that as poverty rises, so does the rate of obesity among children. They found in school age children, every 1 percent increase in low-income status there was a 1.17 percent increase in rates of overweight/obese students. (Childhood Obesity)

Enhancing the Humanities through Community Based Learning

This project team is currently conducting a semester-long workshop to engage more faculty in Community Based Learning (CBL) pedagogies in order to produce an even more sustainable CBL program with a broader curriculum. Its aim is to use the workshop to bring together faculty new to CBL, students who work in CBL (current Community Mentors), and current CBL faculty and staff with the end result of new, linked CBL courses and a commitment on the part of workshop attendees to teach them regularly.

Courses created in the workshop will be linked through their collective use of a new Community Engagement website “Engaging the North Country,” to be constructed in partnership with the Digital Initiatives group.

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