Tip: Change the Angle/Perspective

We see the world from eye level, and most people’s eyes are, generally, at roughly the same height. Should your photographs constantly record the world from the same altitude as your eyes? You will be amazed at how shooting from your knees, or a high ground, will change your image.


Small pig, big dog.

Time of Day, Dawn/Dusk and the Golden Hour

The “Golden Hour” is the time when the sun is low on the horizon and casts a golden, warn light on the landscape.   This has been classic and sought-after lighting for professional photographers and filmmakers.

The Rule of Thirds

...and the Importance of Lines


Photographers often try to include everything including the kitchen sink into a photograph - which works for some types of photographs, such as landscapes, panoramas, skylines and urban environments. However, a really good photograph can also have one key element or concept.


Peas in a pod.

Tip: Camera Orientation

Computers, Televisions and many of the platforms used to view photography and video are distinctly oriented in "landscape" mode.  Please consider choosing a landscape orientation for your camera.  This is a "preference" with photography but essential with video.