A Chain Reaction of Kindness

Uniting as one student body, these elementary school kids work together to physically support each and every act of kindness done within their community. Each piece of paper in this massive, colorful chain represents one act of kindness done by someone at their school. The collaboration and commitment to the same cause as one united community is a notion that all of us can learn from. This is the sort of impact that I hope to create in Colton-Pierrepont Central School each and every time that I am there. Whether I am completing simple tasks of hanging student work up in the halls or creating a monthly leadership poster, I hope that each and everything I do unites the entire school community as a whole. I dream that simple actions such as mine can empower the next generation to be more thoughtful in both their actions and words in everyday life.

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Photographer: Jeff Morehead
Assignment: 4th CBL photo