The image above is called Gerontophobia  which means to have a fear of old people. The image shows a little boy sitting in a chair, with two monster like figures surrounding him. These figures are supposed to represent old people and potry them an mean or evil. I am not actually afraid of the elderly but this image reflects my thought and feeling when from when I first discovered what my CBL would be. I was very scared in the beginning because I find senior citizens to be very intimidating which results in me being anxious. I feared that the elderly people in the program would be mean and making helping the class hard more. Also I am a shy person so talking, and working with members of an older demographic caused internal panic. As the class progressed i found myself becoming more open to working with these people and found out that they are very kind and friendly people.

Image Citation:

Kunzel Andrew, "Figaro Pho Gerontophobia" The Big Cartoon Database, 2009, Accesses 16 Nov. 2018. Cartoon.


Photographer: N/A
Organization: Cyber Seniors
Assignment: 4th CBL photo