House Raising as a Community

This is an image of a house-raising party at Birdsfoot Farm, 1993. This image is especially important to me because it captures many of the fantastic qualities of the Birdsfoot community. It is necessary for new members to build their own houses at Birdsfoot Farm. This is an incredibly difficult task but that does not mean that new members do it all alone. This image captures the hard work and dedication that is required at Birdsfoot Farm but the image also shows the strong relationship that is shared between the community members. Birdsfoot Farm is centered around community and it means a lot that many people showed up to build the house together. This image gives me a feeling of togetherness, unity, and happiness, it shows that when people work as a community they can do something tremendous. 




Jones, Doug. House Raising, Back to the Land, Birdsfoot Farm, 1993,…, accessed 10/30/2018.

-Asa Krieger

Photographer: Doug Jones
Organization: Birdsfoot Farm
Assignment: 4th CBL photo