Making Connections

I chose this image in relation to my CBL because the two kids represent the entire school of Colton-Pierrponte Central School. The Great Kindness Challenge may not be a thing there, but the kids practice kindness willingly every day. Even though Colton-Pierrponte doesn't participate in the challenge, my CBL partner Rosie and I created a poster that had tasks of kindness on it. Kids would walk by, read the poster, and then proceed to take a task to perform. It is almost better that they are willingly doing it rather than just doing it because of a challenge. The children at Colton-Pierrponte are compassionate, kind, and selfless and it makes working with them that much better. 

The image citation: 

Poroy, Denis. "The Great Kindness Challenge".,766363767630, AP Images, January 23, 2017, Accessed November 13, 2018.….

Photographer: Keerah McCratic
Assignment: 4th CBL photo