Pleasure and Sustenance

This photo is of the two cows that live at Birdsfoot, and it was taken on October 30th. These two cows are mother and son. The mother is on the left and the son, Felix, is on the right. They live at Birdsfoot during the winter and across the road, on a friends property, during the spring, summer, and fall. The mother cow provides milk to the community, and when the son gets a few months older, he will be slaughtered. While both of these cows provide food for the community, they also act as pets. Dulli truly cares for the well-being of these animals, and I know that when the time comes for Felix to go to the slaughterhouse, the whole community will be a little saddened. 

Photographer: Sam Cowles
Organization: Birdsfoot Farm
Assignment: 3rd CBL photo