A Rainbow of Knowledge

Putting up student work in the halls is one of the many tasks that Keerah and I complete during our weekly visits to Colton-Pierrepont Central School. Teachers always seem to have an overwhelming amount of extra work that is expected to be regularly completed, on top of their already demanding everyday job. Ms. Morrill, a 5th grade teacher at this school is certainly no exception to this problem. Keerah and I are always put right to work upon our arrival on tedious, time-consuming tasks that Ms. Morrill would have to complete on her own without our help. In this particular instance, Keerah and I put together this display in the hall of the class' recent work on temperature graphs. By taking this extra task off of Ms. Morrill's to do list, we are allowing her to spend more time focused on the success of her students within the classroom. 

October 22, 2018

Photographer: Rosie Gotsch
Assignment: 2nd CBL photo