From a small field to a big stage

This photo was taken by Jon Super on September 21, 2014 in Britain soccer premier league. As we know, this is a stage for the the best soccer players in the world. The audience in the background is innumerable. What interests me is that the scene in this picture is very similar to the scene in our volunteer work, where we all kick the ball in a green field and the audience also watch us. The difference is that we are in a small field, while they are in a big stage. However, the size of the world depends on the size of our heart. With our compassionate and mercy mindset, we will insisted on doing good things. The value we created in a small field will be equal to the value they created in a big stage. 


Jon Super, a ball is seen in a free kick area marked.


Accessed 10 Nov. 2017

Photographer: Zejian Zhou
Organization: NYSARC Fitness
Assignment: 4th CBL photo