Technology: the new key element for a successful business

Here we can see an old businessman learning how to use technology, as the young woman showing him how to work with a tablet. It is a great exchange of information, as the old entrepreneur has the experience and more knowledge on business, whereas the woman is younger and thus more experienced with technology. This mutual need for each other’s knowledge is what makes these people a great team and thus can improve the company. This can be implemented in the society as well, as including the elderly and teaching them how to use technology and receiving their knowledge- like we do in the Cyber Seniors- can greatly benefit the society and make it more inclusive.



Berg, Rainer. Businessman and woman discussing project, looking at digital tablet.October 10, 2018. Westend61 / AP Images,WSTRF. November 15, 2018.… 

Photographer: Rainer Berg
Organization: Cyber Seniors
Assignment: 4th CBL photo